Salt, Snow Removal, and Lake Health: Why Choose NH Green SnowPro Certified Contractors for Snow Removal

Enjoying the warm summer lakes is a distant memory while slugging through winter’s ice and snow. Yet winter snow removal activities play a significant role in the health of our Lake Winnipesaukee watershed. Salt mixed with chloride (known as sodium chloride) has been used to de-ice New Hampshire surfaces and walkways for decades. When applied, … Read more

Tips for End of Season Lawn Care

Fall is an important time of year for lawn care. Grass is preparing to go dormant and requires preparation to withstand the harsh winter cold. Want your grass to emerge healthy, green, and ready for sustained spring growth? Belknap Landscape has a few simple tips for fall lawn care. Remove leaves and debris. Leaves and … Read more

7 Things to Do to Get the Landscape You’ll Love

7 Things to do to get the Landscape You’ll Love

Valentine’s day is almost here. With romance in the air and love on everyone’s minds, landscaping is probably one of the last things that come to your mind. As the winter chill has set in, spending time in your outdoor living spaces likely seems like a distant thought. Yet, if you want to make the … Read more

5 Kinds of Landscape Lighting to Get the Most Out of Your Landscape

5 Kinds of Landscape Lighting to Get the Most Out of Your landscape

At Belknap Landscape, we have designed installed nearly every type of landscape feature and material available to property owners out there. There are many options for what to do in a landscape design, and each element has benefits that should be a determining factor in your landscape project. Unfortunately, sometimes benefits can be hard to … Read more

Pet Safety and Landscape Design – Family Safety

Pet Safety and Landscape Design – Family Safety

There’s nothing better for those of us who live in cooler climates than a warm, spring day. Finally, the ground is dry enough and the sun strong enough to play in the yard, throw a ball for Fido, and enjoy the spring weather. But what happens when Fido develops alarming symptoms following a few hours … Read more

Winter Pruning Tips for Trees and Shrubs

Spring is when most of us want to get outside and catch up with tree and shrub pruning. But for many species, the best time to prune limbs and branches is in winter. Why Prune in Winter Deciduous trees and shrubs go dormant in the winter, dropping their leaves. Barren twigs and branches allow you … Read more