Belknap Landscape

Love Your Landscape.

You’ll love your landscape, and you’ll love the Belknap Experience.

Since 1988, Belknap Landscape has provided landscape design, construction, and care that is second to none. We strive to exceed the expectations of every client and work on building relationships that stand the test of time. We call this the Belknap Experience, and it’s rooted in three behaviors we promise every client.

Love Your Landscape


Every property is different. Your needs are unique. Our approach understands that.

Every design we undertake, every feature we build, every maintenance program we create is unique. We do not offer “one size fits all” solutions. We provide tailored solutions which offer the best outcome.


Our staff, equipment, materials, and methods are top-notch. You deserve a high-quality landscape, and we invested the effort required to ensure that happens. We stand behind our work and work to provide the best possible outcomes.


Our relationship with our clients is our top priority. To follow through on our promise that you’ll love your landscape, we understand your thoughts, ideas, and expectations are paramount. We are committed to building lasting relationships built upon communication, collaboration, and trust.


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