Salt, Snow Removal, and Lake Health: Why Choose NH Green SnowPro Certified Contractors for Snow Removal

Salt, Snow Removal, and Lake Health: Why Choose NH Green SnowPro Certified Contractors for Snow Removal

Enjoying the warm summer lakes is a distant memory while slugging through winter’s ice and snow. Yet winter snow removal activities play a significant role in the health of our Lake Winnipesaukee watershed.

Salt mixed with chloride (known as sodium chloride) has been used to de-ice New Hampshire surfaces and walkways for decades. When applied, it melts frozen water and snow, then mixes with the melted water and finds its way to our lakes, ponds, and streams.

Why is too much salt bad?

  • Toxic to various aquatic life
  • Increases algae blooms
  • Slows plant growth
  • Changes soil composition
  • Contaminates drinking water
  • Cannot be removed via natural vegetative barriers, evaporation, or chemical treatments, so almost all applied salt ends up in our water bodies
  • Weakens concrete, brick, and stone

In 2008, the State of NH listed 19 chloride-impaired bodies of water; in 2020, that number more than doubled to 50. Only one small teaspoon of salt can permanently contaminate 5 gallons of water. NH used over 25 tons of salt on state roadways in 2020.

New Hampshire’s Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) realized that reducing the amount of salt used in winter snow applications is a critical step toward maintaining our natural resources. In 2013, they began the Green SnowPro training and certification program for companies providing commercial salt applications.

Belknap Landscape was among the first companies to voluntarily participate in the Green SnowPro Certification program. The curriculum provides training and certification for those who treat snow and ice with salt and focuses on best practices to minimize the environmental impacts of salt use. Educational modules include application amounts and techniques, brine solutions, alternative de-icing methods, and the effects of salt on our environment.

Belknap Landscape ensures snow crews are trained and re-certified every two years. Why? We want to ensure our lakes remain as beautiful and healthy as possible for our neighbors, clients, and our employees while providing optimal safety for our commercial client’s winter, slippery surfaces.

New Hampshire’s government also incentivizes businesses that hire commercial salt applicators and those who engage them with liability protection against damages from snow and ice conditions (RSA 508:22).

With winter weather upon us, ensure your ice and snow surfaces are safely and responsibly treated while keeping our local water bodies healthy. Call or email us today to learn more about Belknap Landscape’s certified SnowPro surface treatment services.