Sweet Shorefront

Creativity and practicality align at this Lake Winnipesaukee property. In a sea of modular, standardized, and commoditized outdoor features, unique design elements have a significant impact.
The design of the sunken firepit was a collaboration between the homeowners and Belknap Landscape. It is a welcoming space for entertaining, and anchors the property with a strong visual statement.

The firepit’s custom masonry walls and stone benches were carved from the hillside and form a nearly complete circle around the area for optimal ambiance. Its layout is reminiscent of conversation pits from earlier design trends yet offers all the benefits of traditional fire pits.

Airflow is a key element of the firepit’s unique design. Cool air cascades down the hillside and outward from the pit entrance, drawing away smoke from natural wood fires.
Low voltage lighting rounds out the aesthetic and evening enjoyment of this stunning lakeside property.

Access to the firepit is gained by traversing a pathway of granite steps and stepping stones, bespeckled across the flowing turfgrasses of a healthy and functional lawn. A bespoke granite firewood holder provides easy access to nearby logs.

The inviting pathway also leads to the waterfront, offering convenient access across the property.

A small sitting and gaming nestled beneath the trees area adds more versatility to the outdoor living space.

Another pathway traverses the side of the home, providing access to the house and parking areas. Low voltage lighting, annual and perennial ornamental flowers, and accent stones line the well cultivated yet enchanted, natural-looking path.

Ornamental shrubs and flowers create swaths of texture and color along the driveway, welcoming guests with a captivating first impression.
Belknap Landscape provides mowing, weeding, annual flower installation, garden services, and general maintenance as well as specialized arboricultural and plant health expertise. This waterfront property, with its unique and beautiful outdoor spaces, is always ready for the homeowner’s complete enjoyment.

Property Highlights

  • Sunken Firepit with seating
  • Granite steps
  • Stepping stones
  • Turf grasses/Lawn
  • Ornamental gardens, including annuals and perennials
  • Tree care
  • Plant health care
  • Multiple sitting/entertaining areas