Lake Lovers Home Away

Enjoying fun in the sun on Winnipesaukee is the name of the game for these homeowners. They love to be outside and want their options to be open. The Belknap Landscape team took that challenge and delivered a wonderful lakeside outdoor space.

On warm summer days, you may find the homeowner taking a dip off their perched beach, stretched out on the sunning (what kind of patio here? Another paver patio?) patio, or reading a book on their paver patio next to the fire pit. Summer nights may be spent cooking for guests in the outdoor kitchen or private time in one of the smaller, intimate seating areas.

Maximizing the expansive lake views were achieved with cable railing systems on the patios, and tree canopy and limb management provided by Belknap Tree.

The property’s southern side features rustic boulder walks, stepping stones, and a natural stone patio. From here, rugged granite slab stairs lead to the dock, further showing the difference in design when juxtaposed with the more formal, cut granite stairs elsewhere on the property.

The property’s entrance is graced with a stone paver driveway, hinting at the beauty ahead. A heated, natural stone pathway provides safe access to the front door and a warm welcome during months with snow and ice. Unique species of trees, ornamental flowers, and shrubs beautify and soften the entryway with a backdrop of dry-stacked stone walls.

Belknap Landscape proudly provides maintenance solutions for ongoing beauty and enjoyment of the waterfront property, including mowing, pruning, and general upkeep. Belknap Tree manages the lake views while ensuring mature growth trees remain healthy and safe.

Property Highlights

  • Paver patios
  • Granite steps
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Perched Beach
  • Heated stone walkway
  • Paver Driveway
  • Turf grasses/Lawn
  • Ornamental gardens, including annuals and perennials
  • Custom built dry-stack stone walls
  • Tree care
  • Multiple sitting/entertaining areas