Hebron Hillside

Many landscape renovations include significant effort in adding hardscapes, but too many may not achieve homeowner’s objective. A balance of softscapes and hardscapes is often the ideal solution. This property on the shores of Newfound Lake in Hebron features one such renovation.

This home was situated on a hillside where runoff and erosion were concerns. The homeowners wanted to create a beautiful entryway and property while mitigating these concerns. Perennial shrubs, trees, and flowers were introduced along the hillside, with a walking garden leading up to the home’s entry.

A natural stone pathway was chosen as the primary hardscape feature. The new pathway balanced the newly added softscapes while serving as an easy-to-maintain passage for travel. Additional texture was introduced with bark mulch and riverstone drip edge, giving the entryway a clean, finished appearance.

Cobblestones were used as an apron along the front of the garage, creating an appealing transition to the hardpack driveway. The cobblestones add a point of interest to the area and reflect the fine craftsmanship throughout the property.

These homeowners are sophisticated and knowledgeable plant lovers. Their gardens thrive with unique selections and creativity realized through a collaborative design. Their dedicated account manager pays specific attention to plant health and viability, irrigation system management, and the property’s overall appearance. In addition to mowing, weeding, and pruning, certified arborists and plant health specialists are leveraged to maintain this property and its beautiful softscapes.

Property Highlights

  • Natural Stone pathways
  • Granite steps
  • Turf grasses/Lawn
  • Ornamental gardens, including annuals and perennials
  • Tree care
  • Plant health care
  • Cobblestone Garage apron