Belknap Landscape Leading the Charge for Electric Fleet Vehicles

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Cheryl Wright of Cantin Chevrolet shows Stephanie Sanford of Belknap Landscape the charging port of her new electric car

As little as a few years ago seeing an electric vehicle in the Lakes Region was a novelty, but today the trend seems to be have taken a firm hold. As auto manufacturers launch more electric models and ranges for these cars increase many believe we’ll likely see more electric cars on our roadways soon. Hayden McLaughlin of Belknap Landscape is one such believer.

“It’s really something. We were looking for a replacement vehicle for our sales fleet, and we decided to check out electric cars almost out of curiosity. We’ve always had great experiences working with the folks at Cantin Chevrolet, so they were our first stop. When we landed on the Chevy Bolt, it just made sense.” McLaughlin recalls. “We’ve always tried to be socially and environmentally conscious, which this car is, but there are some neat features that were just practical for us too.”

The Chevy Bolt is one of several new electric cars to launch over the past few years, and in addition to those eco-friendly features, Cheryl Wright of Cantin Chevrolet likes to remind people of the practicality of the car. “Electric vehicles are as easy as owning a cellphone, just plug it in.  With an average range of 259 miles, it covers most of the driving trips people make.  With no oil changes, gas or spark plugs, yearly maintenance is minimal. But best of all, they are fun to drive.”.

While the Chevy Bolt or other electric cars has proven appealing to many consumers, commercial applications seemed to be lagging. “I was surprised to hear we were the first to approach Cantin’s about an electric fleet vehicle. I feel confident we’ll see many more operated by other companies soon. We’re even seeing other types of electric equipment becoming feasible for commercial use. From mowers to excavators, the technology is catching up to our needs fast. We intend to keep a close eye on these options.” Said McLaughlin

The convenience in charging electric cars has been going through a revolution too. A quick online search returns results of over 2 dozen charging facilities in the lakes region, a number which would be unheard of a short while ago. Charging stations are popping up at hotels, car dealerships, even some Dunkins’ locations and rest areas such as those in Hooksett. Many electric vehicle owners fill their batteries at home, noting you can’t fill your tank of gasoline at home.

Regardless of if you embrace electric cars, or you prefer gasoline, it is clear electric cars are here to stay. While many consumers purchase these cars to “be greener”, the cars themselves have become appealing beyond their environmental attributes. They’ve become business-friendly.

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