6 Things To Consider When Hiring A Landscape Design Company

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Form follows function in many aspects of life. It is an important idea to think about when selecting a landscape design company to reshape the outdoor areas that serve and dress up your home or commercial property.

Few people would get clothed for work with no thought to what they wear, how they look or whether they are dressed appropriately for the day’s activities. Similarly, your building’s landscape is its wardrobe. When landscaping exists, you should ask yourself whether it looks good and meets your needs. Then, consider the following matters before hiring a landscaping design company.

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1.Your Needs & Wants

To be prepared for meeting with a landscaping designer, you need to wander the outside of your house or building and consider what you do or do not like. Observe the trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and veggie gardens. Consider hardscaping — both what exists and what doesn’t. Think about amenities such as decks and patio, an outdoor kitchen and useful yet decorative elements (paths and potting sheds). Make a list of what you would like to keep and to change.

Finally, think about whether it would make your life easier to hire a design/build company that can accomplish both the design and construction processes.


2.Company References

Ask local family and friends, as well as neighbors, for information about landscaping contractors they have hired. Scrutinize well-regarded home improvement websites for recommendations. Landscape designers you interview should be willing to refer you to past clients.

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3.Licensing, Bonding & Affiliations

To protect your investment in a landscaping project, request proof of licensing, bonding and professional affiliations during interviews. Affiliations with organizations like the National Association Of Landscape Professionals and New Hampshire Landscape Association indicate professionalism.

Also, be sure to obtain a detailed written contract setting dates for stages of completion and payment as well as the terms of any landscape maintenance agreement.


4.Company Longevity & Education

A lengthy record of business in your community is reassuring. A company’s longevity indicates reputable work and staff that are well-educated. Success in creating landscape designs requires understanding of local growing conditions, construction and, in our part of New Hampshire, lakefront living and shoreland permitting.

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5.Project Portfolio

If a landscaping designer maintains a website, look for examples of completed projects. An online gallery is helpful in gaining an overview of a company’s capabilities from entryways to perched beaches. Look for examples of landscape lighting.


6.Communication & Impressions

It is crucial to select a landscaping design company with staff who are good communicators you enjoy. A landscape project can take a long time, so be sure you are compatible.

Pay attention to first impressions during an interview. Do you feel like the company representative understands your needs and wants and is as passionate about your project as you are? If the answer is “Yes,” then it could be the beginning of a beautiful work friendship.

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