4 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen is quickly becoming a must-have for summer homes in New Hampshire. Get the most out of your outdoor kitchen with these enhancements, which improve both the utility of your outdoor space and the value of your home.

outdoor kitchen hooded

1. Add a roof

A roof protects your outdoor kitchen from the elements, allowing you to use it even during summer rains. A roof also keeps your guests cool during muggy summer afternoons. Finally, a roof allows you to add in little touches, such as a fan and overhead lighting, that make the space truly useful and comfortable.

outdoor kitchen

2. Don’t skimp on prep space

If you forget to install plumbing, counter space, or a refrigerator, you’ll be traipsing back and forth from the main house to your outdoor kitchen. This may become so tiresome that you stop using your outdoor kitchen. Budgeting for ample prep space helps you create an outdoor kitchen that boosts your home’s value and meets all of your needs.

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3. Upgrade your cooking equipment

You can have an outdoor kitchen with nothing more than a propane grill, but there are so many fun pieces of equipment that can really make the space feel special. Consider adding a pizza oven, smoker, or charcoal grill to accommodate slow cooking.

Patio by Belknap Landscape Co.

4. Give your guests a place to hang out

A bar makes clever use of space and gives your guests a front seat to observe the grill master at work. A bar with seating is convenient for intimate gatherings and allows you to tend to the cooking without ignoring your guests. If you have more space, consider adding in a lounge area that’s near the kitchen but allows guests to relax comfortably while you cook.

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These are just a few of the ways to improve your outdoor kitchen, for more ideas or to schedule a design consultation, please contact us!

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